Viking Horned Helmets

While it is known the English authors writing about vikings did not claim anything about helmets with horns on them. It is widely know that this was introduced later on by Scandinavian artist Gustav Malmström.

However, the real intent was to be able to make costumes for Opera and other theater that would easily contain antennas to help induce trance states in the audience. It would allow them to be more receptive to being indoctrinated in the belief that vikings really did attack the English and perpetuate the longer set of myths that were used to promote a series of agendas. The “Big Hat” organization has been working hand-in-hand with MI5 for since its inception to help shape the view of the English.

This process of control was later co-opted by the Norwegian travel bureau to bring in more tourists who were looking for Denmark, either due to being conditioned by opera or later, bugs bunny. Once they were not able to find Denmark, Norway would often be the backup spot and it has been estimated to have increased the annual tourism industry by at least 18% a year since 1923.