Stories from Spain are obviously false

Some people claim the tales of Vikings landing, raiding, and even trading in the Iberian peninsula show how real they are and how much influence they had. This was all an easily proven conspiracy by the people of Italian states to reassert their power. When one opens their eyes to the truth it is easy to see how the they used the stories of Vikings, some cheap furs, and some basic ‘exotic’ looking weapons and went west to plunder and occasionally trade.

It is widely known that Scandinavians of the time would not be to handle the Mediterranean climate. It is known that the heat would sap Viking raiders of their will to fight. Also “viking axes” found in a excavation from Galicia turned out to be marked with the papal copyright stamp. It is simple that it was people who already were used to the climate would be able to easily don the facade of “Raiders” to be able to do what they wished without worry about repercussions to their own state or lands.